During your stay at Rūmene Manor, we offer various of activities onsite at the estate. But guests may also enjoy exploring the scenic surrounding Abava Valley region and beyond.

Enhance your stay with these special on-site activities (advance reservation recommended, additional charges apply):

  • Nourish your body and mind with an out-of-this-world ritual in our traditional sauna house with our very talented sauna master.

Other activities during your stay at Rumene Manor (free for hotel guests unless noted otherwise):

  • Serene walks along Rumene Lake and through the woods
  • Children's play area and a traditional Latvian swing
  • Bocce Ball in the park
  • Bird watching
  • Row-boating or paddle boarding in Rumene Lake (we have one row boat and two paddle boards on a first-come, first use basis and have a selection of life vests for adults and children)
  • Swimming in the lake
  • Fishing in the lake (sorry, but you must have your own gear, we can help you arrange for it in town)
  • Exploring the surrounding area around by bicycle (we have bicycles for complimentary use)
  • Tobogganing (all year long; all ages) at the scenic nearby Zviedru cepure (Swedish hat) hill (admission fee; car rental for additional charge)
  • Half-day trips to nearby hiking paths in the lovely Abava Valley region (car rental for additional charge; some areas may have admission fees) 
  • Rafting trips in the spring or early summer (additional fee, thrid-party providers)
  • Exploring the quaint medevial town of Kuldiga, about a 50 minute drive from Rūmene (car rental for additional charge)
  • Visiting Pedvale open-air museum, about a 20 minute drive (admission fee)
  • Making ceramics and blackend pottery at a nearby artist's studio in Kandava (additional charges apply);
  • Visit Sabile and the Sabile vineyard, which is the world's most northeast open-air vineyard as mentioned in Guinness World Record Book (20 minute drive; car rental for additional charge).

Please do not hesitate to ask us if you have any questions about activities or have special activity requests!